Benchmarking with 5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

Mobile network benchmarking is one of the most important and essential procedure towards network optimization that compares the quality of mobile networks and the quality of experience (QoE) that the end users perceive when they use common applications. wireless network services covers all mobile networks in the tested area and provides the operator how their network is performing compared with other network providers. In other words, mobile network benchmarking or wireless network benchmarking is important to know about your competitors’ service coverage and experience QoE on own network. So now let us see the importance of mobile network benchmarking along with Accurate 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Accurate 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment in detail.

Network benchmarking approach is the crucial step towards the betterment of the network as it shows the operators about the status of their networks (how good/bad their respective networks are). Mobile network benchmarking generally gathers information to distinguish the mobile networks’ Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE). With the network benchmarking solution, certain responsibilities taken by operators are as follows:

  • Compare QoS and QoE across own mobile networks and competitors.
  • Summarize the results as Network Performance Score (NPS) and study details as key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Find QoE measurement facts for marketing campaign needs.

Network benchmarking revolves around a set of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) based on which the services are performed. KPIs for Voice are accessibility, retainability, coverage, quality, etc. KPIs for Data are application throughput (HTTP/FTP), latency, session events, and RTT Measure (Round Trip Time).

Benchmarking expands on the drive testing data (conducted either in selected areas of investigation, or on the entire network level including, identifying areas with low connectivity, low throughputs or hand-over issues for voice or data) and reveals areas that are giving a competitive advantage or the areas where action is needed to provide competitive service quality. Benchmarking also provides comparisons to immediate competitor performance as well as to our global industry best performance practices.

With benchmarking solutions, you can collect data on the following areas:

  • Customer QoE and network QoS-related KPIs
  • Service coverage, accessibility, and retainability
  • Network development (latest) for 5G NR NSA/SA
  • Data, voice, and video quality on 5G and 4G
  • Call statistics, such as completed call rate, call setup success rate, dropped calls, blocked calls, etc.
  • Data statistics, such as DL/UL speed, network latency, and web browsing time.
  • OTT application KPIs

Customer benefits on mobile network benchmarking –

Flexibility in execution and consistent high-quality deliverables: Several customers have chosen to repeat network benchmarking for more than one time per year to reliably assess their network and competition development trends.

Root cause analysis: This factor highlights the main RAN inefficiencies behind the performance gaps between all operators and measures benchmark results (how much they contribute to both local and overall). Network benchmarking does root cause analysis that will help an operator tackle the issues and improve the network performance and end-user experience.

Well-executed benchmark solution: This gives result in a wide diversity of outcomes like high data throughput rates compared to competitors, which will help you to know the proper benchmark results.

Importance of mobile network benchmarking:

Network benchmarking will not only ensure the performance and competitiveness of your wireless network but also detect network coverage gaps and locations with issues, identify network edge coverage problems, and identify weak spots. Some other points because benchmarking considers important are as follows:

  • Reduce customer churn by improving QoE.
  • Gain a reputation as the best network to achieve a potential yet new customer base.
  • Recognize the best-performing phone models.
  • You can make decisions on where to build coverage and what KPIs to improve.


The importance of benchmarking mobile networks is essential to improve service quality, improve the performance of interconnected networks, to maintain QoS available to customers. To measure the performance of the mobile network or to benchmark networks, RantCell is one of the best tools to choose from. RantCell tool is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, which will help to identify locations having traffic congested zones and compare network services with other competitors.

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