Baby Sleep Secrets: How to Rework Your Baby’s Schedule in Summer

If you are a new parent, sleep is likely a concern. While research suggests that newborns sleep about 8 hours in the daytime and 8 hours at night, it is just a number.

Some lucky parents do get these numbers right, but others struggle to get their babies to slumber long enough. Did you know that only 43% of babies sleep for 8 hours at six months of age? That’s not a great number.

Lack of sleep can affect growth and health in babies. A cranky little one can also make you sleep-deprived down the line. The implications go beyond because not getting enough rest can lead to health issues like type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression.

The struggle worsens with the seasonal changes because the baby’s circadian rhythm requires rework, just as with adults. Summer is the most challenging season because the shorter nights and longer daylight hours inherently shorten the bedtime.

As a parent, you must do your bit to help the little one catch up enough rest. It is possible, provided you are ready to find a routine that works for everyone. The transition may not be easy, but following some proven measures can make the journey smooth. 

Let’s share a few summer sleep secrets new parents swear by.

Invest in Sleep Training

Training a baby to sleep better sounds like a thing, but it can make life easier for parents even as the child grows up. The objective is to build a healthy and consistent routine by reworking the bedtime habits of your child. It is also about using tools to overcome issues over the seasons to help your child continue with an optimal routine.

Since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula for baby sleep, you need a personalized approach to develop a training program for your little one. Consider professional advice to help your baby sleep better because it can make all the difference. You can see a baby sleep therapist sooner than later to get started with a consistent schedule from the outset.

According to Sleep Easy, parents should look for tailored solutions to deal with sleep woes according to the unique needs of their babies. Introducing a gentle and responsive routine is the key to ensuring consistency, regardless of seasonal changes. Once you train your little one to get enough, summer schedules will hardly have you struggling.

Create the Right Environment

Besides reworking schedules and habits, you must ensure that your little one gets a comfortable environment to keep summer sleep on track. Here are the external factors you may need to work on during the hot weather:

  • Temperature

Research suggests that the ideal room temperature for summer sleep is between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Stick to the limits to ensure a comfortable place for summer slumber for your child. You may deviate from the limits and reset them according to personal preferences.

  • Light

A well-lit room is great for the day, but it can disrupt sleep during the summer. Ensure a dark place to help your baby snooze during long summer days and nights. You can hang up blackout curtains to keep the daylight out. Minimize illumination at night as well. Also, ensure zero noise and distractions.

  • Clothing

Clothing is another key factor because too little or too much can lead to sleep deprivation. Dress your baby in light and comfortable clothes. Avoid using heavy clothing and blankets even in an air-conditioned room.

Establish a Downtime Ritual

Bedtime rituals are important for everyone, and little ones are no exception. Integrate downtime into the bedtime ritual to ease summer slumber. Set aside an hour for winding down before actual bedtime. You can give your little one a relaxing bath, read a story, sing a lullaby, or play soothing music during downtime.

If you think daytime naps may lead to rough nights, get your facts straight. Little ones need rest during the day to promote their health and growth. Summer naps help the child and parents to get through long days. The best thing you can do is push the nap time earlier during the day to set an optimal schedule.

Wrapping Up

Summer sleep for your baby shouldn’t be something to stress about, even when the days get long and hot during the peak season. A little research, expert guidance, and some rework on their schedule can help you create a schedule that works for your family. Start early during the season to nail a perfect one that keeps you all happy and healthy during the entire summer.

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