A new employment landscape: The Role of Technology and Gaming

The latest research on the job market highlighted one concept in particular. That of environmental sustainability, a primary objective given the period of climate change that we are now experiencing. That of inclusion, with a new and greater emphasis on equity, social justice and respect. And finally, that of technology. It is mainly under this perspective that young people today are looking at their professional future.

Technology jobs are highly desired by many, and the gaming industry has evolved from a niche topic to a lucrative sector, with a turnover of over 450 billion euros. And precisely technology and gaming are two worlds that often touch, merge, blur. “Working in technology and gaming has a lot in common in that it is always about being at the vanguard of innovation. Watching our engineers is like watching an orchestra: we write, we practice, we make it all work. It feels like art or magic”, explained Mariano Sosas, a member of Las Vegas-based software house Plan A Technologies, in this interview with Yogonet.

A magic that is that of technological innovation, with tools, techniques and strategies that enable the creation of increasingly advanced and interactive games. Gaming, in this way, becomes a sort of laboratory, where different tools and software find their first application. This is shown by the software gambling houses, which have been exploiting new technologies for years to improve the user experience and to offer new entertainment solutions, especially real money slots on the market.

Behind every online slot there are not only mathematical calculations and algorithms, but also interface design studies, gameplay, plot writing, graphics and game mechanisms that are highly technologized. And that is without mentioning the role of Artificial Intelligence, used in customer service as well as in marketing. AI can be used to improve customer service by providing immediate and personalised answers to players’ questions. In addition, AI can help guide marketing strategies by analysing player data to identify trends and preferences, enabling developers to create games that better meet the needs of their audience. These are all components involved in creating successful slots, high-performance games that engage the user in new, different, innovative ways”, says Giada Benazzi, head writer of the Gaming Report, one of the most authorised sources of gambling in Italy.

Perhaps this is the great analogy between technology and gaming: experimentation and adaptability, the ability to fit into different contexts. In a rapidly changing world like the one we live in, globalised and hyper-connected, the technology sector combined with gaming represent the future of employment. A new job, technological and innovative. And our young people were right in this too.