A look into the best escape rooms for corporate team-building activities

In case you haven’t heard about escape rooms,  they are indoor activities that are available in any place in North America, at any time, and for any size of team. In these escape room activities,  the respective team will be thrown challenges to reveal hidden clues and solve a long series of puzzles, collaborate with each other, solve problems with a creative twist,  and think outside the box.

Escape rooms have been in the market since 2012, and this industry gained momentum in 2019.  In fact,  according to a survey,  it showed 69% of people taking resort to escape rooms at least once in the same year. 

An escape room is certainly one of the most engaging options if you are looking forward to boosting cooperation within your theme,  building the best communication skills, and fueling an optimistic work environment.

What is done inside a virtual escape room?

Inside a virtual escape room,  the entire team needs to resolve a mystery or puzzles together.  Such activities are usually posted by a costumed person,  where the teams are told a story,  supplied with adequate clues that they need to interpret,  and given enough puzzles to solve. The team members can successfully decode the mystery of the story by working together.  It is only through great teamwork that they can solve a puzzle and finally escape the Escape room. 

What is required for creating a virtual escape room?

In order to create a DIY escape room,  here are the following components that you may require:

  • Software for video conferencing like Zoom
  • A perfectly written storyline based on the game plan
  • Different types of hard and easy puzzles that the team members can solve
  • A logical and satisfying solution to the story and to the puzzles 

Creating the perfect storyline and environment for an online Escape game can be daunting and intimidating.  In case you don’t have enough time to invest in this,  you may even reach out to a virtual team building coordinator who can assist you with the best ideas for corporate team building activities. You just have to choose from a list of Escape room themes,  schedule a time and date for the activity,  and the entire game will be hosted on your behalf of you.

So,  now that you have found a solution to enhance and improve your team-building capacities,  what are you waiting for?  Arrange an escape room activity and reap the benefits as much as possible.