A Guide To Different Types Of Addresses

We know to a certain extent how the Indian addressing system works, but there are different types of addresses that not many people are aware of. Knowing this is important to understand which address should be used and for what purpose. This will give an idea of how addresses in India work.

This is important so that you never miss out on important mailor get a vital parcel delivered elsewhere. With India’s complex address system, understanding this is a need of the hour.

Different Types Of Addresses

Permanent Address

A person’s permanent address is the place where they are a registered resident under their name. Government documents such as voter id cards, ration cards, driving licences, and passports list permanent addresses . Many people who live away from home utilize their parents’ house as their primary residence. As a result, a permanent address is also defined as a location where the applicant gets official papers and mail. It is the official address.

Temporary Address

A temporary address of an individual refers to an address, apart from their residential address, at which they will reside or have lived for at least four weeks.

Correspondence address

A correspondence address is the address of a family member or someone you know to whom official correspondence can be delivered. This includes election ballots,  Tax and Customs Administration letters. The person in charge of such an address  must guarantee that any mail is sent to you directly.

Residential Address

The street address and any apartment number, or the location at which the mail is received if the residence does not have an address, as well as the city, state, and zip code that correspond to a person’s residence, are referred to as the residential address.

Business Address

A business address is essentially the location from where you would do business. Correspondence from suppliers, banks, and clients may be forwarded to any of your company addresses.

The Way Forward For Indian Addresses

Now that you have an understanding of different types of addresses, it’s a good time to know how the Indian addresses are taking a turn for the better with new and improved digital address code  in place where all your detailed addresses will be replaced by a unique address shortcode which when shared will direct anyone to your exact address without any hassle of explaining your address.

One such app bringing to you a digital addressing revolution is Pataa. All you have to do to make your life and address short code efficient and hassle-free is download the Pataa app, input your exact address once and voila, you’ll get a unique address shortcode which can then be shared whether it is used to order something or invite visitors.

With pataa, get a smart address in just moments. To know more about the Pataa app,

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