A Cheaper Way to Ship Nicotine E Liquid from New Zealand to Australia

Before we get into this, for those that are new to the idea of vaping, thinking of switching from cigarettes, I think it only right that I point out why vaping is healthier, as well as elucidate the various benefits that come with it compared to things like tobacco, etc.

Before that, though, I need to explain why smoking itself is bad. When you smoke, that’s combustion, and combustion is a high-energy chemical change where things are transformed, producing ash, carcinogens and nonflammable oils. The ash and carcinogens are also what comprise the smoke, and inhaling ash and carcinogens is obviously going to cause all manner of problems. The truth is, inhaling any kind of smoke in significant amounts going to be bad for you, including woodsmoke, food smoke and incense are potpourri.

So, let’s compare that to the nicotine E liquid, which is comprised of 3 fairly harmless compounds, at least as far as we know health -wise. These can include salt nicotine, which is just a crystalline extracted nicotine used also add things like quitting products, a very inert compound of a glycerin nature usually propylene glycol or vegetable oil, and an equally-inert artificial flavoring which must adhere to the same food and drug regulations as flavorings for pretty much anything else out there.

Now, knowing that this doesn’t produce the secondhand smoke, the residual odors, the ash and butts, nor any of the health hazards of cigarettes, you can see that it is provably healthier than actual smoking or use of smokeless tobacco for that matter. However, until long-term studies have been done on people using them for considerably longer than they have existed, we cannot say that it is 100% healthy and harmless. However, knowing how generally harmless the 3 components of vape juice are, nobody is expecting there to be any revelations decades from now like there was with cigarettes among many other things in the twentieth century.

So, how can you find a cheaper way to ship nicotine E liquid from New Zealand to Australia? Well, nicotine E liquid is legal in both places, and it uses the same manufacturing specifications and has the same criteria for substance approval, but some flavors that are available in one place just aren’t in another. This is all about where companies have chosen to partner up, popularity within local regional cultures, a host of other reasons. This just means you have yet another reason, along with the many lessons you learned from the pandemic, to do as much online shopping as possible. A store specializing in vapes is still useful, as you can try new things, learn new things and get other smoking accessories while you’re there, but your go to regular vape brand and flavor of choice you should probably order online.

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