5 Italian Singers to Consider Hiring to Perform At Your Next Party

Planning a party can be stressful, but it’s far easier if you take the time to plan for the best entertainment possible.  Instead of going for cliche party entertainment, it’s an awesome idea to hire someone who knows their way around a microphone and can sing breathtaking songs.

Italian singers are a highly unrepresented type of singer; these are some of the most skilled professionals in this language, and why you should hire them!

Why Hire Italian Singers?

Italian is one of the most incredible languages, so having someone with the skill of singing incredible songs with it can give your part an ethereal and amazing feeling.  This could be for anything from corporate events to family gatherings and anything in between.  There are endless styles of music that can be sung in Italian, from pop to opera, so look for a singer who can offer the unique sound you want while giving you the chance to enjoy their incredible voice.

Jim Cerminaro

If you want someone who’s truly passionate and has a fantastic range of abilities, it is time to hire Jim Cerminaro.  This singer can belt out classic Italian songs and is up to date with modern music as well.  His unique ability to perfectly copy and cover music makes him stand out amongst other Italian singers.

Martin Beal

Experience is a must, especially when singing in Italian, and Martin Beal has over thirty years of it to offer anyone who wants to listen.  Working in music in roles everywhere from solo musician, to teacher, to being a member of the Stockton Oper and the Monterey Opera: he’s more than earned his skill and incredible voice.  Beale is worth every cent for anyone who wants to hire a true professional.

Anjeza Angie Gega

If you want a perfect mix of passion and grace, you’ll find it in Anjeza Angie Gega.  This singer and dancer has been stunning locals for the last few years as she shows a clear talent for understanding rhythm and tone.  Specializing in modern Italian music, Anjeza Angie Gega has worked hard to make a name for herself behind her incredible voice.

Mandi Thomas

When looking for skill and sublime talent, it’s time to hire Mandi Thomas.  This seasoned singer has a fantastic operatic voice and will blow you away with the power behind her voice.  As the lead vocalist for a local band, and a vocal instructor to local students, Mandi Thomas will surprise you every time she sings.  She should be your top choice for female opera singers.

Isabella DiNoia

This young vocalist recently reached over a million streams on Spotify, showing off her incredible voice to concert halls and stadiums.  Practiced in Italian pop and anthems, Isabella DiNoia’s clear understanding of putting emotion into her voice has made her a one-of-a-kind singer that will keep your eyes and ears fixed on her for the entirety of her performance.

Your Next Event Should Be An Incredible One

Nobody wants to plan a party that’s the same as every other event!  Consider hiring some of these show stoppers, and you’ll blow everyone away with their talent!

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