5 Best Light Truck and Commercial Tyres

Light trucks and commercial vehicles are commonly used for transporting commercial goods in cities and highways. But when it comes to choosing the best light truck and commercial tyres, it’s important to consider a few key factors such as the type of vehicle, purpose, and the terrain where you want to drive. There are many tyre brands to choose from, but picking the right one for your vehicle is tricky.

To help you make an informed decision, in this article, we will explore some of the best light truck and commercial tyres offered by Maxxis tyres.

5 Best Light Truck and Commercial Tyres

With a wide range of sizes and tread patterns to choose from, Maxxis tyres are the ideal choice for different light trucks and commercial vehicles. Being Australia’s leading tyre manufacturer, with a focus on durability, performance, and safety, Maxxis tyres are designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s vehicle owners.

Have a look at the best light truck and commercial tyres offered by Maxxis.

Maxxis VanSmart MCV3+

One of the top picks for light truck tyres is the Maxxis VanSmart MCV3+. This tyre is designed for durability and long-lasting tread life, making it a great choice for light trucks and commercial vehicles that are perfect for both city and highway driving. With its durable construction coupled with a large number of sipes on the main grooves and shoulders and a unique tread block arrangement that offers exceptional water evacuation, MCV3+ offers good traction in wet and snowy conditions while reducing aquaplaning.

Maxxis MCV5

Another great option for truck owners is the Maxxis MCV5. With an increased shoulder block width design, this tyre is designed for off-road use, ensuring excellent ground contact for optimal handling, cornering, and braking. Featured with continuous ‘3D’ wave circumferential grooves and an aggressive tread pattern that provides excellent traction in mud and snow, it’s a great choice for trucks and commercial vehicles that are frequently used for off-roading and hauling heavy loads.

Maxxis CR966 

Whether you are hauling heavy loads or navigating rugged terrain, Maxxis CR966 is the best tyre option for light trucks, trailers, and small around-town commercial vehicles because of its durability, puncture resistance, traction, fuel efficiency, and comfort. With a robust construction that can handle heavy loads and high speeds, CR966 provides outstanding stability in wet weather conditions.

Maxxis UE100

This tyre is designed for long-haul trucking and features a low rolling resistance, which helps to improve fuel efficiency. It also offers a long tread life and good traction in wet conditions with its three zig-zag grooves that ensure fast water evacuation. It also features spiral cap construction and tread compound formulation that offers good abrasion resistance and high-speed straight-line stability with improved driving comfort. 

Maxxis UR275

The Maxxis UR275 is a top-of-the-line all-position truck tyre that offers exceptional on-road stability. Its durable construction provides added resistance to abrasions and aquaplaning. The tyre features a new, advanced rubber compound that offers a longer service life, reduces heat generation, and results in a smoother tread wear pattern. Additionally, the tyre’s reinforced frame provides enhanced protection against punctures. The low rolling resistance and exceptional driving characteristics make the Maxxis UR275 an ideal choice for truck driving.

Final Words

Maxxis offers some of the best light truck and commercial tyres in the market due to a variety of factors such as their advanced tread designs, durable construction, and superior performance in different weather and road conditions. Moreover, their tyres are also known for their long tread life, which can help reduce replacement costs in the long run, making it a reliable and trusted brand for those in need of high-quality light truck and commercial tyres. 

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